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ThinkLinkers is a knowledge sharing and production organisation that puts human interaction at the center of every initiative. We specialise in technology events, courses and marketing services of uncompromising quality for discerning professionals with a curious mind, and for ambitious brands looking to stand out in the information age.

Meet our team

Pio Marolla
Pio Marolla

Founder, Managing Partner

Natalia Kotova
Natalia Kotova

Project Director

Ani Avetisyan
Ani Avetisyan

Business Development and B2B Marketing

Nadya Sinutkina
Nadya Sinutkina

Digital Marketing Wizard

Kira Smirnova
Kira Smirnova

Visual Content Manager

Our services


Our flagship and signature event format. We craft gathering for top level professionals who are discerning and choose to be protagonists of the events they attend, and not mere spectators. Interaction, debate, collaboration and limited audience participation (which implies intimacy)
are all things that we guarantee at the ThinkLab. Try it and see.

Soft Skills courses

We believe that soft skills are the competitive differentiator of this age. Effective communication, critical thinking, teamwork, conflict resolution, are things that enable professionals to become irreplaceable and become assets in any organisation. Therefore, we created online courses that combine knowledge and practice, learning and applying. Soft skills are the new leadership skills, and ThinkLinkers is here to help you master them.

Linkedin Live Podcasts

We create engaging podcasts with brands and thought leaders, giving them the spotlight they deserve and the audience they need. We leverage our community across social media to put you in front of the right people and use our experience in content creation to help you select and discuss topics that we know will resonate with the data community.

Digital Marketing Lab

In the age of attention, technology brands need to step up their game in digital marketing and stand out, presenting a brand that captures attention, gains interest and converts that into business growth.

At ThinkLinkers, we have created a brand, a community and products that people love. We now offer our skills to you as a separate service, similar to an agency, but with the competitive advantage that we know the topic intimately and promote our products to the same community you target.

Our formula: aesthetic content, powerful stories, thriving business.

Our clients

We care

Thank you for your trust and contribution!

At ThinkLinkers, we committed to donate 10 EUR per purchase to charitable activities.

We care about animal rights, preservation of the environment and people in need.