Vol.1: The Secret is Communication
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Communication is a catalyst for success and transformation. Becoming a great communicator is the single most important non technical skill you can learn for succeeding in Data Management. 

This is a seminar for discerning Data professionals who understand that there's more than technology to Data Management, and that your ability to communicate effectively is essential in order to get your organisation on board and create real growth and transformation through Data. 

Pio Marolla and Christelle Patriarca put together their hard earned lessons and experience in order to create a cohesive set of practical chapters to guide you through your journey in becoming a skilled communicator. Learn more about the course here:

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Why should you join?

Effective communication allows you to express your value proposition in a manner that ignites enthusiasm, connects people and breaks silos. 

Being an excellent communicator is a hallmark of successful people and game changers, and it's no different in the field of Data. 

We will share with you the foundations of effective communication and how to practically apply them in the Data sphere, to create your own communication style and strategy.

Learn more about the course here:



  • How to create a stakeholder map
  • Identify your communication style
  • The pillars of persuasion
  • What's in it for them?
  • Win the eyes, minds and hearts of your audience
  • Create a communication strategy that
    bridges departments and silos
  • How to use emotion to sway your audience
  • Use authenticity to your advantage
  • Your tools for communication
  • How to present (in person/virtually)
  • Identify your audience
  • Learn to adopt perspective



2 speakers
8 chapters
8 hours
From ideas to practice.
Assignments to put you to the test.
Dedicated Telegram Group.


A set of chapters guiding you
from theory to practice,
continuously testing your comprehension
and application of the material.



Anyone involved in Data
who wishes to improve their communication skills
in order to involve their organisation,
secure stakeholder support and become
an evangelist for Data.


- Video recording & pdf slides
- Access to Q&A streaming event
- Mind maps and organizers
- Dedicated Telegram group

300 €



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Voice of our

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Well chosen subjects. Well selected speakers and sponsors. Great location.


Very well organized and amazing ThinkLinkers staff! Thank you.

The Linde Group

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Good topics, good in showing different perspectives of the MDM in different business environment

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The conference was very interesting and productive. The atmosphere was great thanks to limited number of the guests. I was able to meet specialists that helped me with my actual questions.

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As always great and of up most value. Fun & interesting. Great exchange opportunity.

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Well organized and from a content perspective invaluable! I believe this event will prove to be one of the most powerful enablers for the discipline that is Master Data Management. It gave me so much great food for thought and important insights, especially for our emerging demands as a business.

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As always very well organized! Great location, very good presenters/presentations! Good networking - a lot of "take away


A great event with real MDM experts sharing knowledge openly in a very well organized personal environment

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I have to say it was a really great event. I am used to big conferences but the MDM Thinklab is something special – good group dynamic and obviously well organized!

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Thank you for the fantastic event - Master Data Marathon! Impossible becomes possible!


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Overall this was a very worth while experience and delivered fantastically over a 24 hour period. It is the first of it’s kind that I have attended but won’t be my last. Congratulations to all involved on the delivery of a unique and exceptional Master Data Marathon.

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