9th Data Management ThinkLab

April 18-19, 2024 | Prague, Czech Republic

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Data Management THINKLAB

We live in amazing times, where digital transformation is no longer a buzzword but a necessity, and Data is finally getting the much needed attention. And yet, Data Management often takes the back seat, eclipsed by new, shiny tech innovations that come with promises. However, we know and you know, that Data Management is the foundation of Digital Transformation, and the springboard for innovation. This is the premise of our event.

Throughout these two days, we will cement Data Management's importance in achieving most of today's priorities for building a modern, future-proof organisation, whether it's customer experience, sustainability, compliance or future tech adoption.

Secondly, aside from covering the foundations, we will look into where Data Management is going in the future, with stories from visionary brands, redefining Data Management and how the role of a Data professional is evolving from a tech-geek to an evangelist of the power of Data.

In the age of AI, we will emphasise the importance of Soft Skills and communication, as irreplaceable traits of modern Data Management leaders enabling the intersection between Data value and business success, between ideas and execution.

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    The most engaging data management event of 2024 is going to happen in Prague! Yes, you read that right - this time, we are hosting our event right in the heart of our ThinkLinkers headquarter in the most charming city of Europe!

    This is an event that puts in the spotlight the value of Data and celebrates YOU, Data Management professionals, as agents of change, set to skillfully handle the HOW and WHY, the Yin and Yang of successful Data Management.

    Interactive Q&A, roundtables, panel discussions and networking time will blur the line between speakers and participants, connecting people, ideas and weaving together stories of success as well as failure.

    We can't wait to welcome you to the beautiful city of Prague, home of ThinkLinkers and for this occasion, the home of Data Management.

    If you're interested in participating at our Thinklab, please reach out to us via info@thinklinkers.com or aplly below. 


    • Data Management as the springboard for Innovation
    • A Business case for Generative AI
    • Data Governance - Centralised? Federated? Hybrid?
    • The Power of Communication and Soft Skills
    • Woman in Data and why it is so important
    • Data Quality as the cornerstone of trust in Data Products
    • Applied Data Mesh
    • Data Management and Data Analytics: 10X the value of your Data
    • The Role of a Data Manager in the AI & Automation age
    • How Product Information / Digital Shelf Can Help You Transform Data Management Activities ? 
    • How to tell your Data Story
    • The Yin and Yang of Data Management: Technology and People
    • MDM & Automation: real uses cases
    • Woman in Data 
    • The carrot and the stick: using fear and desire to propel your Data Journey
    • The importance of Data Quality and Data Observability for building reliable Data Products and Successful AI Initiatives
    • Data Management: from inception - to strategy - to execution
    • Build a future-proof enterprise fuelled by Data
    • Data Governance: Slow Down to Go Faster
    • The Evolution of Data Management and  Its Influence on Modern Business Capabilities 


    Professional and Meaningful Networking
    World-class Expert Presenters
    Intimate Environment
    Interactive Discussions
    Benchmarking Sessions


    Our agenda reflects the most crucial
    topics in Data Management today. The program
    is developed and researched by ThinkLinkers
    in collaboration with senior practitioners
    and thought leaders.



    Data Management
    Master Data Management
    Data Governance
    Data Quality
    Enterprise Information Management
    Information Management
    Enterprise Architects

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    Voice of our

    "The ThinkLab was an enriching two-day event focused on Data Management. The insights shared by other companies were truly inspiring, and I'm eager to apply this newfound knowledge in my work.”


    I had the great pleasure of joining a brilliant group of Data leaders at thinklinkers conference. Great discussion and debate, brilliant presenters and a really great environment created to enable shared learning and experience.

    Marks and Spencer

    I liked a lot the event. It tailored to data people and it's good to have such kind of event for data lovers