February 25, 2019

5 Things to Look Forward to at the MDM ThinkLab.

As you know, It is nearly a month before the MDM ThinkLab, so for those who are looking forward to the gathering, but also for those who are still waiting to pull the trigger and joining us, here's a list of 5 things to look forward to at the MDM ThinkLab!

 1) Amazing people, great experts

Ladies and gentlemen, behind technologies, challenges, implementations and digital transformation - there are people. As a content production company, we always remember that, and we strive to ensure that you, as a professional, take the spotlight of the event. 

 At the MDM ThinkLab, you will have the chance to learn from and interact with other great professionals who are there to share their journey and collaborate to conceptualize what makes an initiative successful or not.

 Trust us, you will find that there are many things that you and other professionals from different fields and companies have in common. You're not alone in your Master Data journey.

 Plus, the ThinkLinkers team will be there :)

 2) Futuristic topics, useful today

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic. We all talk about it passionately and we all see its potential and its shortcomings, but it often remains hype rather than something we know how to use or benefit from.

At our MDM ThinkLab, you'll have the chance to hear about AI and MDM and see how companies are using it today to automate and take MDM to the next level.

 Our Innovation Partner Camelot Management Consultants and Ineos Styrolution will shed light on the topic and help you to navigate the topic understanding its potential and use.

 Our goal is to take AI from hype to opportunity!

 3) Face time is gold! Networking, round tables and your chance to truly engage with other professionals


Digitization transformed dramatically the way we interact with people. While there are huge benefits to communicate through digital channels, we still believe that meeting people face to face, shake hands, sip a coffee together and collaborate during the round-tables is truly precious.

Let us remember that if we want to co-exhist with AI, we need to practice our soft-skills, and collaborating with others, sharing ideas and strategy, is an excellent way to do so.

As mentioned in point one, we really believe in people, and our format ensures that you will get a great professional networking at the MDM ThinkLab. 

 4) A fantastic venue, because the experience counts


 Great program, great people and great interaction need to be complemented by the right venue. 

 We want you to remember the MDM ThinkLab as a 360° unforgettable experience, so we chose a small, intimate design hotel to stimulate your creativity and facilitate networking. 

 The Hotel Zoo is a pearl in the heart of Berlin, and everything from the tasteful interior design to the mouth-watering lunch and refreshments will contribute to your memory of the MDM ThinkLab.

 5) Berlin, a bustling capital in the heart of Europe

In choosing the city for our ThinkLab we thought of many variables, and we couldn't come up with a better option than Berlin. 

 Simply put, Berlin has a wonderful vibe. It's modern, classic, and artsy; and yet it communicates order, minimalistic elegance and professionalism. 

Apart from the Hotel Zoo and its high-end renowned Grace Bar, don't miss out on walking in Berlin on your own and enjoy the many treats that this capital in the center of Europe has to offer.

Stay tuned for our upcoming articles!

See you there! ThinkLinkers