February 25, 2019

5 Things to Look Forward to at the 6th MDM ThinkLab


ThinkLinkers are so excited to meeting you this week at the 6th MDM ThinkLab! Here are 5 things to look forward to at this MDM ThinkLab.

1. Building a sustainable Data culture!

When Master Data is relegated to an IT matter, it leads to frustration from both the data guys and the business counterparts. When this "silos" mentality dominates in the company, it is difficult to get value out of Data initiatives, as the rest of the company doesn't get the "why". Christelle Patriarca, based on her long experience, will discuss how to make MDM a company-wide matter and build a positive culture around it, linking Master Data to process improvement and business objectives. Not only that, in general, all the presentations address Master Data and their business outcome, in order for you to bridge Data with the business and achieve success for the whole company.

2. Topics that matter - content craftsmanship.

It takes us 6 months to create the program of the MDM ThinkLab. Indeed, we crunch all the findings from the Roundtable discussions, all the notes from your evaluation forms and all the information that our speakers and clients share with us. If you are joining the event, at some point in time, we had a research call with you as well as with other participants. Although, it is extremely time consuming to produce content with this level of customization, we believe it is worth it. This is a content craftsmanship!

3. Networking and the power of collaboration.

You will meet fine experts at the MDM ThinkLab, and aside the program and the settings, we believe that the best way to learn is to share, network and collaborate to reveal solutions. At the MDM ThinkLab, we have reserved 5 hours for networking, 100 minutes to Q&A and 90 mins of roundtable discussions to make sure that you learn and get to know not only from the presentations, but from every single expert who is there. People drive digital transformation, not the other way around, and we believe that you and your peers deserve the best platform to advance together in Master Data.


4. How to pitch the Business.

The business has got the money, as the ThinkLab chairman, Scott Taylor, said. The very opening keynote will address Data Storytelling and how to talk to the business side so that there's mutual understanding. A disconnection between Data and Business is one of the main causes of failure, with each side feeling frustrated about the lack of understanding. Therefore, using the right language is fundamental, and the ability to sell is key. After all, selling is about communicating value in a convincing way - Data value, in our case.


5. The right place

We do not cut corners when it comes to locations. Hotel Zoo is not only a top tier 5-star hotel but also one with a stimulating and tasteful design that delivers both a feeling of luxury and creativity. Quality permeates everything we do, and we communicate it both in our content and visually, choosing the right setting for the right people.

See you soon!
Pio Marolla