September 11, 2023

 AI: The Future of Work with Viamedici

We asked you what you would like to learn more about in connection to AI and its disruptive potential, and here it is: #AI, THE FUTURE OF WORK!

Join us for this installment of our series on AI, where we discuss with Juergen Mueller, CEO at Viamedici and Al Bissmeyer, VP of Marketing for North America at Viamedici, about the most valuable, intriguing and crucial AI topics, through the lens of critical thinking. 

An area that AI is certainly disrupting is work, with its potential to automate tasks and augment abilities. Many of us are wondering: is our job going to be affected? 

Most likely: YES. 

Our discussion will address how AI is changing the job market, the rise of new AI related  jobs, the transformation of current jobs and how to navigate this dynamic scenario with confidence and with a curious and adaptive mindset.

AI is here to stay, and we are here to walk through these times together, breaking down and dissecting how AI can be our ally and power our lives forwards, without forgetting to add a generous pinch of critical thinking. 

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