March 19, 2024

Data Domains For the Next Big Thing

Have you ever seen a CEO excited about Data domains?

Businesses are constantly trying to pursue the next big thing, whether that is AI or a new trend that promises a competitive advantage.

However, in boardrooms, you will hardly hear about data domains, the unsung hero that plays a key role in helping organisations in becoming future proof and embrace any "next big thing".

But before you run to your CEO and offer to set up 20+ data domains (the more, the better), tune in for our session with Pio Marolla, and Nagim Ashufta, CEO of DRIVA GmbH, titled "Data Domains for the Next Big Thing".

Nagim Ashufta and Pio Marolla will discuss the importance of Data domains and how to set them up right, touching upon the importance of clear roles and deciding how many domains you really need in your organisation.

Whether you are a data management professional currently setting up data domains or a CxO who wants to build the correct foundations to become future-ready, join us for this session on the 14th of March at 4PM CET / 10AM ET.

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